Orders and Purchases

How do I use a discount code? 

If you have a discount code, enter it in the “Use Coupon” field in the summary of your shopping cart and then click “Use Coupon”. All of our coupon codes are only usable once, if you enter it without closing your order the coupon will not be reusable. Designers Distribution guarantees fast and secure deliveries in more than 170 countries worldwide.

Can I get an ad-hoc quotation for my order? 

If you are interested in purchases for a minimum value of 10.000€ please fill out our contact form. One of our key client managers will contact you to provide you with customized quotations based on the needs of your business.

What if my order is missing or shows the "CANCELED" status? 

If you can’t find your order on your profile page you may not have completed the order. If your order is in CANCELED status, you may have failed to complete the payment process or we may have canceled your order due to your failure to confirm payment within the required timeframe. Always make sure you complete the checkout process or your order may be cancelled.

Where can I view my orders? 

You can view the history of orders placed with their status of processing on your “Profile” under “My Orders”. Clicking on each order you can view the details.

If I decide to pay by bank transfer, who is responsible for the commissions? 

The commissions on transfers are charged to you, please specify this during the payment process.

What should I do if I make a mistake during the transfer process? 

If you pay a lower amount or enter the bank fees charged by Designers Distribution, we will contact you to ask you to pay the difference in amount. If you pay more than the amount due, we will add a credit to your profile that you can use for further purchases on Designers Distribution. If you make a mistake in the reason for your payment, the confirmation of your order may be delayed.

I decided to pay by bank transfer, how should I proceed? 

If you have chosen to pay by bank transfer, you will receive in the confirmation of receipt of the order our bank details. When you process the payment, be sure to include the order number of the order made on Designers Distribution in the reason for the bank transfer and make sure to select the commissions at your charge. The receipt of payment, and therefore the confirmation of the order, takes about 3 working days.

Which payement methods are available on Designers Distribution? 

Payment can be made through Nexi XPay credit/debit card payment gateway or by bank transfer.

I have a VAT number but it is not counted in my order, why? 

VAT numbers are validated by our staff when the first order is placed. Before you place your first order with Designers Distribution please submit your request “HERE” with your VAT number and our staff will verify the information you have sent us. This procedure is only necessary for your first purchase, once validated you will not be charged VAT on your purchases. In case you were wrongly charged the VAT, we ask you to check that you are regularly enrolled in the VIES. If your VAT number has already been registered at VIES, please contact us to validate your VAT number on our system.

I have not yet received the order confirmation e-mail, what should I do? 

If you have not received your order confirmation email, make sure you have completed your payment or check your Spam and promotions folders. Alternatively submit your request “HERE” or via chat.

How do I place an order? 

To place an order on Designers Distribution you have to select the product you want to buy, choose the quantity you want per size with the + and – symbols (or by writing in the box the quantity you want) and then click on “Add to cart”. 
To finalize the order and proceed with payment click on “Go to Cart” or the cart icon in the menu at the top right. Here you will see the summary of your order where you can still make changes, delete or add products, choose the country and the type of shipping you prefer. 
By clicking on “Confirm order”, you will be asked to fill in the shipping and billing information and choose the payment method. Once you have made the payment, you will receive an email confirmation of the order status that you can also view in the “My Orders” section of your profile.

Is there a minimum order limit? 

Minimum order 250€.