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Moschino, a pioneering brand in the Italian luxury fashion industry, was established in 1983 by the visionary designer Franco Moschino. Known for its avant-garde and innovative designs, Moschino has carved a niche in high-end fashion with its bold, unconventional, and sometimes irreverent approach. This iconic brand, celebrated for its unique blend of humor and creativity, offers an extensive wholesale collection of luxury clothing, statement accessories, and distinctive fragrances. Ideal for retailers and distributors targeting style-conscious consumers, Moschino's range includes sought-after items like designer handbags, elegant dresses, and signature perfumes, all resonating with a fashion-forward and witty aesthetic. With its commitment to quality and originality, Moschino is a top choice for wholesalers looking to cater to a clientele that values a blend of luxury, humor, and cutting-edge fashion design.

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Moschino, founded in Italy in 1983 by Franco Moschino, is celebrated for its bold and innovative approach to fashion. The brand is characterized by its luxury ready-to-wear apparel, distinguished by vibrant colors and bold prints. Franco Moschino, originally aspiring to be a painter, infused his love for prints and color into his fashion designs. His work at Moschino often included playful interpretations of classic styles, adding a distinct blend of confidence and boldness. 
Over the years, Moschino has developed an unmistakable design language, incorporating elements like polka dots, fruit prints, hearts, peace signs, golden jewelry, and quilted leather bags. These signature elements helped elevate the brand to prominence in both Italian and international fashion circles. The brand has been known for its eccentric and animated approach to fashion, a legacy continued by its current creative director, Jeremy Scott, who took over in 2013.
Under Scott's direction, Moschino has embraced a theatrical and ironic take on fashion, evident in collections that are often over-the-top and playful. Scott's designs have included altered versions of iconic logos, such as McDonald's, and collaborations with pop culture icons like Barbie. The brand's approach often involves a blend of high fashion with humor and irony.

Trend-changer products:

Moschino, recognized for its quirky and playful fashion approach, has had several best-selling products over the years that have become iconic in the fashion world. Some of the historically best-selling and notable products from Moschino include:

The Little Black Dress (1983): This dress, a play on the classic 'little black dress,' was famous for its bold statement with the words 'LITTLE BLACK DRESS' emblazoned on it. It showcased Moschino's flair for combining humor with high fashion.

Minnie Mouse Dress (1986): A body-con polka dot-print dress inspired by Minnie Mouse, reflecting Moschino's love for animation and whimsy.

Leopard-print and Velvet Coat (1993): This stand-out coat became iconic for its bold design and was brought back into the spotlight years later when worn by celebrities like Rihanna.

McDonald’s Sweatshirt (2014): In Jeremy Scott's debut collection, the McDonald’s sweatshirt, featuring the fast-food chain's iconic golden arches, demonstrated Moschino's playful take on pop culture and consumerism.

Barbie Collection (2015): This collection included candy-hued leather skirts and jackets and yellow dresses, inspired by the Barbie doll. The collection was a hit and showcased Moschino's playful and nostalgic take on fashion.

These products exemplify Moschino's unique style that blends high fashion with playful, often satirical elements, making the brand stand out in the luxury fashion market​​.

Cultural inspirations:

Moschino, under the creative direction of Franco Moschino and later Jeremy Scott, has paid tribute to various artistic movements and pop culture phenomena through its fashion collections. Some notable tributes include:

Pop Art: Moschino's designs often exhibit influences from Pop Art, a movement that emerged in the mid-20th century, characterized by its use of popular and commercial imagery. The brand's use of bold colors, everyday objects, and ironic interpretations of consumer culture are reminiscent of this artistic style.

They have referred this style with designs that included handbags shaped like consumer goods, dresses with bold, graphic prints, and accessories that mirror everyday objects, all reflecting the Pop Art style's focus on popular and commercial imagery.

Surrealism: Elements of Surrealism, an artistic movement that sought to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind, can be seen in Moschino's whimsical and often absurd designs that challenge conventional fashion norms. Moschino has released items that play with unexpected combinations and designs that border on the fantastical. This could include apparel with illusionary prints or accessories that juxtapose disparate elements in a dream-like manner, akin to the surrealists' exploration of the unconscious.

Camp Fashion: Moschino's collections frequently embody the essence of Camp, an aesthetic style and sensibility that regards something as appealing because of its bad taste and ironic value. Moschino's embrace of Camp is evident in its over-the-top, theatrical fashion shows and designs that often include ironic or humorous takes on luxury fashion. Examples might include clothing with exaggerated features, playful reinterpretations of classic luxury symbols, or accessories that border on the absurd.

Baroque and Rococo: Some of Moschino's collections have included references to the elaborate and highly decorative styles of the Baroque and Rococo periods, particularly in their use of ornate detailing and rich fabrics.

Punk Rock: Moschino has also drawn inspiration from the Punk Rock movement, incorporating its rebellious spirit and edgy aesthetic into several of its designs. Moschino has incorporated the punk aesthetic into some of its designs, which might include the use of leather, metallic embellishments, studs, and motifs like skulls or slogans that echo the rebellious spirit of the Punk Rock movement.

Moschino and Love Moschino:

Moschino showcases the fashion house’s most innovative and high-fashion pieces, characterized by extravagant and bold designs. Love Moschino, instead offers unique and playful designs that are more accessible and suitable for everyday wear. Its collection features more prominently branded items, often incorporating themes of love, such as hearts and the word "Love" in their designs.

Most importantly: while Moschino is categorized as a luxury brand, often not as concerned with providing value for money but focusing on unique, handmade, and personalized products. Love Moschino is considered a premium brand, aiming to offer good value products at a lower price point compared to luxury brands.